Ice cream producer Van Leeuwen releases a very special flavour.

New York ice cream company Van Leeuwen recently decided to partner with Kraft to produce Mac 'n' Cheese ice cream.

When we first heard about this flavor, we were a bit wary , just like the rest of the internet. But when the ice cream officially went on sale on July 14 and people started enjoying it, we were all shocked to find that people liked it. So we had to try it ourselves.

The first scoop is cheesy, as you'd expect, but not overpowering. The main flavor is the rich, creamy custard base, with the classic mac 'n' cheese flavor subtly woven through it. It's sweet, spicy, tart, and, overall, not bad. We took more than one bite.

This one will be in our “flavors to be developed” drawer.

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Van Leeuwen IJs website

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